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The Wireless Encrypted Image Viewer

If you turn on Encryption in your camera settings all images will be delivered encrypted. In order to decrypt and view these images you will need to use the Wireless Image Decryptor/Viewer utility.

To download the Windows Setup please click: Download

After you download the setup, launch it and complete the setup wizard. This will install the Wireless Decryptor/Viewer onto your computer.

The next time you open an Encrypted Photo it will automatically be decrypted into its orginal filename (PICT####.jpg) in the same folder where the encrypted photo resides on your computer and it will be viewed on screen. Use the mouse wheel or slider to zoom and mouse to pan while viewing.

The GoWireless Android Mobile App

Download the Android GoWireless Mobile Application here as an alternative to using Google Play Store. This will be the same version.

Using your Android device, please click: Download

The Firmware Files by Model

The following list represents the latest firmware files for your camera by model. When new firmwares become available this list will be updated. Click the Download button next to your model to download the binary firmware file to your computer.

Note: The firmware Description/Version will indicate if the firmware is in PRODUCTION or BETA. It is reccomended that you download and install only Production firmwares. Install Beta firmwares at your own risk or unless instructed to by our staff.
Model Description Firmware Description Firmware Version
GC-ATTxb GoCam (AT&T) Blackout Improve connect reliability 11/08/2017 Download
GC-LRAb GoCam (LTE) Blackout Update information display format. 10/31/2017 Download
GC-SPTb GoCam (Sprint) Blackout Beta test 09/01/2017 Download
GC-USCb GoCam (USCC) Blackout Improve performance 09/28/2017 Download
GC-USCi GoCam (USCC) IR Fix daily limit issue. 09/26/2017 Download
GC-V4Gb GoCam (Verizon 4G) Blackout Update information display format. 10/31/2017 Download
GC-VCTb GoCam (Verizon Connected) Blackout Fix pending action issue 05/29/2017 Download
GC-VCTi GoCam (Verizon Connected) IR Fix pending action issue 05/29/2017 Download
GC-VZWb GoCam (VZW) Blackout Fix pending action issue. 05/29/2017 Download
GC-VZWi GoCam (VZW) IR Fix pending action issue 05/29/2017 Download

How to manually apply a Firmware Update.

Please use the following steps to properly load a new firmware on your camera:

  • Make sure your camera is not on low battery.
  • Make sure to start with an empty sd card or clean off your photos first.
  • With an SD card in the camera, switch to Setup.
  • Format the SD Card: Press the Menu button. Under System menu, Select Format, press OK. Choose Yes.
  • Turn the camera OFF.
  • Remove the SD Card and place in your computer's sd card reader.
  • Copy the .bin file that you downloaded from the list above to the SD Card. This is normally called "FWS100.bin".
  • Place the SD Card back into the Camera.
  • Apply the Firmware: Press and hold the Playback button. Switch the camera to Setup.
  • Wait for the display to say "No Image"
  • Press the Play Button once.
  • Load Camera Defaults: Press the Menu button. Under System Menu, select Default, Press OK, select Yes.
  • Under the System Menu choose Information and verify the firmware version has indeed changed.
  • Since default settings have been applied, go back and select all your options the way you want them.